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Youth Programs

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Learn to Fence Program (White and Yellow)

Our Introduction to Fencing Program runs from 6:00 – 8:00 pm on Wednesday evenings. This program (for individuals aged 12 years and older) offers an introduction to foil fencing for those who are new to the sport, and an opportunity for those who have previously fenced to revisit and refine skills, while also developing new technical and tactical skills. During these classes, suitably qualified fencers will be encouraged to test for their white  and yellow armbands.

Participants will receive instruction from NCCP trained instructors in small group classes which  maintain a high instructor/student ratio (typically around 1 instructor  for every 5-6 students). Westdale Fencing Club will also provide the  necessary fencing equipment that is required for the duration of the  program - all you need to bring is appropriate clothing (including long  trousers) and a water bottle.

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Pre-Competitive  (Yellow and Orange) Program

This program is  offered to fencers who have completed at least 8 intro classes (subject to a coach's recommendation), or to our  youth members by invitation. Fencers will consolidate skills to which  they were introduced in the intro and youth programs, and will further  develop their technical and tactical skills.  This program will  introduce the fencers to more of our coaches and senior fencers. Fencers  are strongly encouraged to participate in a few local competitions to  help perfect their technical and tactical skills. Fencers in this  program will also be encouraged to be tested for their yellow arm bands  when they are ready.  As fencers progress through this program they will  be invited to move to the Competitive program.

"Adult" members: Monday & Thursday evenings

"Youth" members: Saturday morning & Thursday evenings

Competitive (Orange and Green) Program

Our competitive program is geared towards fencers who are motivated to improve their technical skills and/or are interested in becoming more competitive on  the provincial circuit. Classes run on Monday nights, and will include  footwork, conditioning, technical drills, and free fencing time. Fencers  in this program are also strongly encouraged to participate in the Wednesday or Thursday night classes each week (at no extra charge,  subject to space availability). Members of the competitive program are expected to purchase their own equipment, and should expect occasional  travel to tournaments which are a little further afield. As fencers  reach appropriate levels of experience and technique, they will be  encourage to test for their 'orange' and 'green' armbands.

Elite (Green and Blue) Program

The elite program is geared towards highly motivated fencers who wish to become competitive on the national circuit. Formal classes for the elite  program run on Monday and Thursday nights.

The elite program differs from the ‘competitive’ program in that  whilst there are some structured drills, footwork and themed bouting offered from time to time, there is also an emphasis on self-directed  learning, and on physical conditioning. Members of the elite program are expected to maintain a regular competition schedule, which will involve  travel outside Ontario. There is scope for members of the elite program  to work towards their blue and red armbands. This program includes weekly individual or group lessons with the coaching staff, and assistance with long term development plans. Members of the Elite Program  are strongly encouraged to participate in coaching clinics and other development opportunities offered, and are expected to help support the  development of less experienced athletes.

High Performance (Blue and Red) Program

The HP program is geared towards fencers who wish to compete at the national squad level or beyond, or who are prepared to invest significant time, energy and money into  their fencing development. Programs are highly individualised, and  there is an expectation that members of the HP program will put in significant additional training outside of practices. There is also the expectation that members of this program will assist with club  activities such as coaching clinics, tournaments and training camps, and that they will serve as ‘mentor athletes’ and coaches for our less experienced  fencers.

In addition to regular individual and group lessons as deemed  appropriate by the coaching staff, the HP program provides  significant support outside of practices, including coaching support at  designated tournaments, annual plans, assistance with funding, and  scholarship applications, and monthly performance reporting to NSO / PSO  representatives as required.  

Please note that entry to the competitive, elite and HP programs  is by invitation only. All COMP, ELITE and HP members are expected to  maintain accurate and up-to-date training logs (which include  competition reports).