Weekly Update: October 24, 2011

This Week:

All practices will be running as usual this week. Ranil may not be out at all. Sandra will be out on Thursday.

This past weekend was the first North American Cup of the season. WFC results:

D2WF: Fountain 82/131

D2MF: Merriman 104/142

CMF: Merriman 127/160

D2WS: Gayowsky 20/68

D3WS: Gayowsky 47/87

CWS: Gayowsky 62/91

This coming weekend is the 2011 Spooky Youth competition, which is hosted at the club.  Even if you're not fencing, it's a great opportunity to see some fencing, and to support your teammates. We also need volunteers of all ages. For details, or to volunteer, please contact info@westdalefencing.com.

Save The Date:

The WFC Christmas Party, and our 10th Birthday Party, will be taking place at the club on December 15th. Please save the date!

Picture of the week:

P1010199 by westdale fencing club