Weekly Update: December 12, 2011

This Week

Monday, Wednesday and Saturday practices will run as normal this week. Wednesday night's practice is also open to any of our competitive and elite program fencers. There are no practices on Thursday. Instead, we are having our holiday / birthday party. Sandra will be out at all practices. Dan and Ranil will only be out on Thursday night. This Friday, we are also running a Fight Night Training Competition.

This past weekend was a North American Cup in Kansas City. WFC results are as follows:

D1MF:  Banks 99; Merriman 121
D2MF:  Merriman 24
D1WS:  Pierrynowski 31; Han 54
D2WS: Gayowsky 19; Fountain 22 
D2WF: Fountain 30; Gayowsky 31

Winter Policies:

Now that we can no longer deny that winter is upon us, please take a moment to reacquaint yourselves with our winter policies.


Now that we have so many people starting to travel again, please start posting your travel plans in the forums.

Competition Reports:

For those of you who have had problems finding the templates for competition reports templates please click here or here).