Weekly Update: September 19, 2011

This Week:

All practices are running as usual this week. Ranil will only be out on Monday. Sandra and Rob will be up on Thursday. Dan will be out on Monday only. Coaches schedules (well, everybody but Ranil's) should stabilise over the next couple of weeks - thanks for your patience in the interim.

There is no fitness class this week.

This Saturday was the Septemberfest 2011 Tournament. 

WFC results are as follows:

VMF: Marks 3rd
VWF: Godfrey 1st
SMF: Merriman 5th; Fitzpatrick 6th; Kinney 9th; Banks 10th; Jalowica 21st; Naoufal 25th; Effinger 26th
SMS: Kinney 1st; Ciancone 3rd; Fitzpatrick 10th
SWS: Gayowsky 2nd; Fountain 3rd; Kay 5th SWE: Spaetzel 3rd
SWF: Gayowsky 3rd; Fountain 7th; Han 10th

Image of the Week:

LL at Septemberfest 2011!

Starting from this week, we're going to try and include one new image in each weekly update. If you have any images to share, please send them to Dan. In the interim, here's this week's for your viewing pleasure!







Club equipment:

Over the last few months, the lines between club and coaches’ equipment have gotten pretty blurry. Moving forwards, any equipment that’s in the usual storage places on the stage is fair game to be used, but any equipment that’s not obviously marked as club equipment in the bat cave should be considered ‘personal’ equipment and should only be used with permission. If in doubt, just ask, and please be aware that if you are told ‘no’, it’s nothing personal but we’re trying to get away from people using coaches personal equipment as it’s getting way too expensive to keep replacing it when it gets damaged.


For those of you who are interested, Ontario Games programming has been released, and is available here. Please talk to your coach if you're interested in participating in this program.