Weekly Update: October 31, 2011

This Week:

All practices will run as usual this week. Ranil will be out on Monday and Thursday night. Sandra may not be out at all this week. There are no youth classes on Wednesday or Saturday.

This past weekend was the 2011 Terre Des Hommes tournament. Congratulations to Dan Banks who placed 14/41.

This past weekend was also the 2011 Spooky Youth tournament. Full results are available here.

WFC results are below. Everybody fenced well, and it was great to see so many WFC fencers out supporting each other.

11 and under mixed foil (/25)

Gareth Marks 2
Evan Fortin 3
Megan Cyr 9
Andre Picard 13
Jack Kilmer 14
Leah Kinney 17
Ben Vandall 19
Aiden Perry 20
Chloe Cyr 21

13 and under mixed foil (/21)

Victor Naoufal 3
Gareth Marks 5
Jack Kilmer 16
Brandon Jalowica 20

14 and under mixed foil (/7)

Victoria Kay 3
Jack Kilmer 5

15 and under mixed foil (/21)

Victor Naoufal 3
Daniel Cook 11
Victoria Kay 12
Gareth Marks 13
Seth Winward 14

17 and under mixed foil (/10)


Logan Fitzpatrick 1
William Kinney 2
Tatiana Gayowsky 3
Seth Winward 8

All ages mixed sabre (/6)

Tatiana Gayowsky 1
Logan Fitzpatrick 2
Victoria Kay 3
Alex Merrimann 3
Leah Kinney 5
Sandra Dulac 6

Save The Date:

The WFC Christmas Party, and our 10th Birthday Party, will be taking place at the club on December 15th. Please save the date!

Fight Night:

The next Friday night 'Fight Night' training competition will take place on December 16th. Details are available here.

Picture of the Week:

to follow - stay tuned!!