Weekly Update: November 14, 2011

This Week:

All senior practices will run as normal this week. There is no fitness class this week. There will be a youth class on Wednesday but no youth class on Saturday morning. Ranil will be out at all practices. Dan will be out on Monday only. Sandra will be out on Thursday only.

This past weekend was the 2011 Brock Open Tournament. WFC results are as follows:

Senior Mens Sabre (47):      Ciancone 3, Fitzpatrick 31
Senior Womens Sabre (36): Han 3, Fountain 16
Senior Womens Foil (54):     Fountain 11
Senior Men's Foil (63):         Banks 5, Fitzpatrick 9, Merriman 15, Effinger 33

Cadet Womens Foil (10):      Kay 5
Cadet Mens Foil (15):           Fitzpatrick 2, Merriman 5
U15 Mens Foil (32):              Marks 10, Jalowica 16, Naofal 22, Winward 24
U15 Womens Foil (9):           Kay 6
Veteran's Mixed Foil (17):     Marks 10, Godfrey 15

Cadet Mixed Sabre (15):      Fitzpatrick 2, Kay, 3

This past weekend was also the Jr / Cdt North American Cup in Texas. WFC results are as follows:

CMS: Kinney 122/150
JMS: Kinney 112/133
CWS: Gayowsky 76/96
JWS: Gayowsky 68/108

Competition Reports:

For those of you who have had problems finding the templates for competition reports templates please click here or here).

New Club Clothing:

We are pleased to announce that we will be placing a new club clothing order in time for Christmas. Please click here for details. The order deadline is November 21st. 

Save The Date:

The WFC Christmas Party, and our 10th Birthday Party, will be taking place at the club on December 15th. Please save the date!

Fight Night:

The next Friday night 'Fight Night' training competition will take place on December 16th. Details are available here.

Picture of the Week: