Weekly Update: February 6, 2012

This Week:

All practices are running usual this week. Ranil will be out on Monday and Thursday. Sandra will likely be out on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Dan may not be out at all this week. There will be a yoga class on Monday night.


Just a reminder that February Programs fees are due and payments can be made to a parent/ fencer volunteer.  Bob Fitzpatrick, Kristina Han,Paul Winward and Anna Feltracco.

Terri will not be out this week .

This past weekend is the 2012 Ottawa Shield. WFC results to follow:

WS(18): Han (2); Gayowsky (6)

WF (25): Fountain (12); Gayowsky (17)

MS(22): Kinney (11); Fitzpatrick (16)

MF(25): Fitzpatrick (19)

Keeping things tidy:

We have had a request from the church to please make sure that the stage area is left clear at the end of every practice. Please make sure you take your water bottles / rubbish / clothing away with you at the end of the night.

Youth program:

Due to a number of kids moving up into senior programs, we currently have a few spaces open in our youth program for the first time in a few years, and we would like to fill these. If you're able to help put up a few posters for us, please contact info@westdalefencing.com. Similarly, if you know of any youth who have been waiting for a spot to open up, please have them contact us!


The church has had some problems with security of late. We will be locking the doors shortly after the start of each practice from now on. The church has fixed the doorball, so if you find that the doors are locked, please ring the bell (the button is on the right hand side) and someone will let you in.

Winter Policies:

Please take a second to review our winter policies.