weekly update: august 20, 2012

this week:

monday and thursday practices are running as usual this week. all coaches will be out as normal.

this past weekend were the ontario summer games. wfc results are as follows:

cms (/8): kinney 1; fitzpatrick 3
cws (/9): gayowsky 1; kay 2
yws (/6): kay 1
team ms: wfc A (kinney, fitzpatrick): 1
team ws: wfc A (gayowsky, kay, archer): 1

summer shutdown:

westdale fencing club will be closed from august 25 - september 4th. the intro program will start on september 5th and normal practices will resume on september 6th. there may be a couple of special practices during this time if there is enough interest, so please keep an eye on the website.

september schedule:

our september schedule information is now posted. please click here for and here for more information.

2012/13 cff classifications:

congratulations to the following fencers who have earned canadian classifications for the 2012/13 schedule (for a full list, please click here):

mf: banks (b); fitzpatrick (c); kinney (d)
ms: ciancone (c); kinney (c); fitzpatrick (d)
ws: han (b); gayowsky (d)