update: january 4 2018

welcome to 2018, everybody! all practices resume their normal scheduling on monday january 8. with the wet and chilly weather, please make sure that your (including parents/siblings/etc.) wet boots and jackets are left in the hall outside of the salle to prevent any slippery puddles!

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update: november 27

practices are running normally this week! please note that thursday practices are now running 6:30pm-8:30pm. there will be no practices after december 21 until january 8. as of january 8, normal practice schedule will be back on. please let us know if you will not be out to any practices!

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end of hiatus update!

normal practices including intro, competitive and youth start following labour day (the week of september 6). please arrive early to your first class of the term to ensure you have time to refill our yearly paperwork!

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weekly update: 3 july

the club will be running reduced practices in july due to everyone's decreased availability. these practices will run on july 6 (thursday 6:30-9pm), july 10 (monday 6-8pm), july 20 (thursday 6:30-9pm), and july 24 (monday 6-8pm). the youth and intro classes are on hiatus until september.

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weekly update: june 5

practices are running normally this week! ranil will not be out this week, and sandra will not be out on thursday.

june fees are due at your next practice.

the introductory class will be on hiatus until september after the june 28 class.

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weekly update: 14 may

practices are running normally this week. mike will not be out on monday, and ranil may not be out. sandra and tia will not be out on thursday. make sure you've paid up your may fees for the month!

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weekly update: may 8

weekday practices are running normally. ranil is not out thursday, but otherwise coaches will be out as normal. no saturday youth classes will be running until the september term. 

may fees were due last week, so make sure you've settled up this week!

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weekly update: 17 april

all practices are running normally this week. ranil will not be out on thursday, but all other coaches should be out as normal. 

now that the weather is nicer, please be sure to bring a second pair of shoes to practice for outdoor warm ups (all weekday classes)!!!

april 29 is the last saturday youth class for the term!

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