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We offer two youth programs which are geared towards fencers aged between 7 and 12 years (approximately). Unfortunately, we do not offer programs for fencers under 7. Once fencers reach an appropriate stage of development, we encourage them to join one of our 'senior' programs which are geared towards fencers aged 11 and up. We provide equipment for our youth classes, but we encourage participants to start purchasing your own once you've been with us for a few months as priority for our equipment always goes to our newest fencers.

Youth Programs (White, Yellow and Orange Armband)

our youth program runs from 09:00 - 10:15 on Saturday mornings. our classes have a definite emphasis on safety and ‘fun’ and are designed to introduce people to the fundamentals of fencing. The program focuses on the first two stages of National instructional Program, and on the 'Active Start' and 'Fundamentals' stages of the Long Term Athlete Development model for fencing. New fencers are welcome to join this program at any point in the term as long as there is enough space.

Youth Pre-Competitive Program (Orange and Green Armband)

The pre-competitive program is geared towards fencers who wish to improve their technical skills and become more competitive on the provincial circuit. Entry into this class requires successful completion of the Yellow Armband, and is strictly by invitation only. Please note that members of the pre-competitive program are expected to purchase their own equipment, and to attend an average of at least 3 competitions per term, some of which may necessitate missing practices occasionally and out of town travel. Pre-competitive classes run on Saturday mornings and monday evenings.

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