Our Club

Westdale Fencing Club was formed in December of 2001 by Steve Howell and Ranil Sonnadara. We are registered with, and sanctioned by, theOntario Fencing Association, and welcome fencers of all ages (over 8)  and levels of experience. In 2009, Westdale Fencing Club was appointed as a 'Regional Community Development Centre' by the Ontario FencingAssociation. The Regional Community Development Centresare a series of well established, highly experienced fencing clubs in various regions of Ontario, selected for the RCDC program for their records of excellence in the delivery of grass roots programs, and their capacity for growth in the future. These centres are recognized as offering quality programming based on healthy child development and the principles of Long Term Athlete Development. RCDCs serve as a hub for clubs, coaches, and community members to get training, share ideas andacquire new skills and expertise.

We practice at the Westdale United Church (99 North Oval), offSterling Street near the corner of King and Sterling streets in Westdalevillage, Hamilton. This is about 4 blocks east of McMaster University. Limited parking is available on the side street (North Oval) by thechurch and additional pay parking is available a block away in theWestdale village lots.

Entry to the church is through the door off North Oval marked "ChurchOffice". Go through that door, and down the stairs, through the double doors, then through the single door right in front of you. Please click here for directions.

For more information, please feel free to dig around this website, or please contact info@westdalefencing.com.

For information about our coaches and staff please click here.