Our Coaches and Staff

Sandra Dulac - Coach: Certified by the NCCP as an Aide-Moniteur instructor and evaluator in foil and sabre, Sandra runs our children's, introductory and competitive programmes, and assists with our competitive and advanced fencers. Sandra is also a Learning Facilitator for the Ontario Fencing Association's Community Instructor certificate. by day, sandra works as a teacher for the grand erie school board.

Daniel Effinger - assistant coach: Daniel leads our Intro classes whilst working his way up the rankings as a competitive foilist and playing with various forms of technology.

Bob Fitzpatrick - Armourer: Bob looks after our equipment, and also helps to teach our fencers and parents how to maintain and repair their personal equipment. He may be persuaded to help you to fix your equipment if you ask him very nicely (and offer him a bribe). 

Logan Fitzpatrick - assistant coach: Logan helps with our competitive programs. Logan is also a competitive sabre and foil fencer, and a provincially certified referee and coach.

Terri Fitzpatrick - Treasurer: A parent volunteer who unwittingly got sucked into The Westdale Vortex, Terri is responsible for the day to day finances of the club, and for keeping us solvent. She can often be found in a corner weeping over the balance statements.

Tatiana Gayowsky - assistant coach: Tia leads our intro classes and helps with our competitive programs. she is also a competitive sabre and foil fencer when the fancy takes.

Ranil Sonnadara, Ch.P.C. - Head Coach and Principal: Ranil has been coaching for over 25 years and offers instruction in all weapons. Ranil supervises the coaching staff and guides the development of all of our fencers. By day, Ranil is a researcher who specialises in the development and assessment of complex motor skills. For more information about his research, please visit his research website.