Athlete Protection Policy

The club has a duty of care for all athletes, and a responsibility to protect them from harm.

Every athlete who participates in fencing at this club should be able to do so in a fun, safe environment and be protected from harm.

Westdale Fencing Club places the highest priority on safety and enjoyment and recognises that it has a duty towards athletes within the sport. Any coach or member providing fencing training/opportunities must do so with the highest possible standard of care.

All fencing experiences must be guided by what is best for that person.

Athletes should treat each other with integrity and respect.

All fencing should be conducted in an atmosphere of fair play.

All training activities must always be conducted in a safe, positive, and encouraging environment.

Adults who take responsibility for young people have a duty to ensure that they are competent to provide safe and rewarding experiences for those in their care.

All athletes have the right to protection from abuse and harassment.

All incidents or poor practice, suspicions, and allegations should be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately.

It is the responsibility of everyone to report any concerns to the Head Coach who will take whatever action they deem necessary. If the concern is regarding the Head Coach, then they should approach another member of the coaching staff, or if they feel it necessary, the Ontario Fencing Association.