Athletes are responsible for bringing their own travel documents, and for ensuring that they apply for any necessary visas in plenty of time. Athletes are also responsible for their own tournament registrations. Information regarding deadlines can generally be found on the WFC, OFA, CFF or USFA websites. If in doubt, ask your coach!

Westdale Fencing Club keeps a central database of travel insurance, health insurance and emergency contact information for all of our competitive fencers. Please make sure that we have accurate information on file prior to departure, just in case we should ever need it. You may want to write a letter authorising Westdale Fencing Club to make emergency medical decisions on you or your child’s behalf in case you or your next of kin are not readily contactable in cases of emergency. Such a letter is not a requirement for travelling with us, but if you choose to write such a letter, please make sure that the coaching staff have a copy before departure.

When travelling as part of a Westdale Fencing Club group, all athletes are expected to ask permission to leave the hotel or venue from a coach before doing so. Whether travelling as part of a group, or independently, when not actually fencing, all members of WFC are expected to support their team mates and the coaching staff.

All athletes are expected to follow curfews set by the coaches and chaperones. These will vary depending on which events are being fenced the next day, and what the start times are. Athletes who are not in their rooms by curfew may be withdrawn from any events and sent immediately home at their own expense.

When travelling, we often eat as a large group. Many restaurants charge an automatic gratuity for large groups as part of the meal. Even if this charge is not added onto the bill, we will generally tip 15% because of the extra work involved in serving such a large group. Make sure that your child has enough money to cover this added expense. We do try to make arrangements to eat as inexpensively as possible, but it is often difficult to control expenses when travelling.

Westdale Fencing Club has a zero tolerance policy with regards to the use of any drugs that are not prescribed by a physician and underage consumption of alcoholic beverages (according to both the province in which the athletes reside and the location of the competition). Chaperones and drivers who are of legal drinking age (according to the province/state in which the activity takes place) are also expected to refrain from consuming alcohol when travelling as part of a Westdale Fencing Club group. Excessive drinking by any athlete or staff member is strictly prohibited. Anyone found to be in violation of this policy will be immediately sent home at their (or their parents’) expense and will be on probation for a 12 month period following the incident.

Any athlete on probation whose behaviour is deemed inappropriate by the coaching staff will be banned from subsequent trips for a 12 month period, and may be asked to leave the club.