Code of Conduct

In order to ensure a safe, productive, and sporting atmosphere for all our members, everyone that uses our facilities must adhere to our code of conduct. By using our facilities, you agree to abide by this code and be subject to its disciplinary provisions.

Fencers must show respect for other fencers, coaches, visitors, staff, the facility and the rules of fencing.

Fencers should be courteous with one another when differences arise. All fencers are expected to be generous and flexible with their time and energy, helping the coaches and staff to meet the needs of all our fencers.

All fencers, families and guests are expected to help the coaches and staff create a secure and supportive environment in which all fencers are free to develop at their own pace.

Please show up promptly for practices. If you are late for any reason, please join the practice with the minimum of fuss and disruption. If you know you will miss a practice or lesson in advance, please try to give your coach at least 24 hours notice. If you are unable to notify them ahead of time, please contact them at the earliest possible opportunity to let them know you are okay.

When entering the salle, greet your coach and the other fencers (without interrupting the practice). When leaving the salle, similarly, it is courteous to give your regards to your coach and team mates.

Safety is very important. Please check your equipment regularly for defects in gloves, masks, uniforms and blades. Never aim your weapon towards or conduct drills with people who are not wearing appropriate protection. Whilst shorts are perfectly acceptable for lessons and games, long trousers (or fencing breeches) should always be worn when drilling or fencing.

Fencers must behave in a sporting manner at all times. Behaviour that would get you a warning or yellow card at a competition (e.g. disruptive behaviour) will get you a warning at the club. Fencers who continue to behave inappropriately after being warned will be required to stop fencing for the evening, forfeiting any dues paid. If your behaviour would get you a black card at a competition (e.g. throwing equipment), it will get you a black card at the club. Such behaviour will result in your being required to leave the facility immediately, forfeiting any fees for the practice. Fencers who receive a black card are placed on probation for the remainder of the year. Second offenders are subject to suspension from the club for a period to be determined by the Head Coach, forfeiting all dues paid. Such fencers will be prohibited from the use of the facilities, and from traveling with Westdale Fencing Club.

When differences of opinions arise, fencers are expected to resolve such differences quickly, quietly and with an eye towards finding a solution that satisfies both parties. If this is not possible, fencers are expected to find a member of coaching staff to resolve any disputes.

The Head Coach’s decision shall be final in all disputes and disciplinary matters.