Policy on Missed and Cancelled Classes

Westdale Fencing Club is committed to running a full and active program for all of our fencers. The club is also committed to providing a safe training environment for its athletes, volunteers and coaching staff. As such, the club will make every effort to offer practices on scheduled nights. However, in situations where circumstances do not allow us to provide a safe and appropriate level of support and supervision, the club reserves the right to cancel classes and practices. Where this is necessary, a notice will be posted on the club website at least 2 hours before the start of the practice. This is the only mechanism by which news of cancelled practices will be communicated, and all fencers are strongly encouraged to check the website before setting out to practice.

The club strongly encourages athletes and coaches who feel that they are unable to safely get to and from practice, and those who are unwell, to not take unnecessary risks with the health of themselves and their team mates.

The above notwithstanding, Westdale Fencing Club regrets that  we are unable to offer ‘make-up’ sessions for practices missed through either illness or inclement weather. In situations where classes which are part of a formal ‘instructional’ program are cancelled by the club, the club will make arrangements with participants to cover the missed material either through an additional class, or through a private lesson with one of the coaching staff, at the club’s discretion.