Weekly Update: October 3, 2010

This Week:

All practices are running as usual this week. Ranil will be out on all nights, most likely. Other coaches will be out as normally schedueled. Serge will be out on Monday night once again. Please make him feel welcome!

Since it seems to be rapidly approaching that time of year again, please take a moment to review our winter policies.

We have also updated our privacy policy.

This past weekend was the 2010 Nationals / Eastern CSC. Results:

Cadet Men's Foil - Logan 26/27

Senior Men's Foil - Dan 24/35

Cadet Men's Sabre - William 9/14, Logan 10/14

Junior Men's Sabre - William 20/25

Senior Men's Sabre - Mike 28/39, William 34/39

Senior Women's Foil - Jackie 25/26

Senior Women's Sabre - Kathryn 10/29, Kristina 16/29, Louise 20/29

Women's Sabre Team - Kathryn, Amy, Kristina, Louise - Silver Medal

Congrats to all who qualified and competed.