This Week:

All practices will be running as normal this week. Ranil will hopefully be out on Monday and Thursday.

This past weekend members of WFC were in Kitchener to participate in the Excelsior YCC tournament. 

WFC results are:


Mixed Foil

Kade Truman - 14th in Y10

Men's Foil

Daniel Cook - 9th in Y12
Victor Naoufal - 12th in Y12
Logan Fitzpatrick - 6th in Y14

Mixed Sabre

William Kinney - 1st in Y14
Logan Fitzpatrick - 3rd in Y14
Victoria Kay - 1st in Y14 WS



Michael Ciancone - 2/11
Braden Stapleton 5/11


Michael Ciancone 1/10
William Kinney  2/10
Logan Fitzpatrick 3/10
Victoria Kay - 2nd in CWS

Congratulations to all!

Website Updates:

We have posted a new page on the website for parents, and also a lot of new information about buying equipment. Please cast an eye over them and let us know if you have any questions. We have also posted updates to our Parents' Handbook and guide to US tournaments.

Winter Policies:

Please click here for our Winter Policies.

Facebook Group:

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