Weekly Update - March 22, 2010

This Week:

All practices will be running at their regular times this week. Ranil should be out at all.

This past weekend were the Ontario Provincial Championships. WFC results are as follows:


MF: Ciancone 21/44; Effinger 34/44; Banks 40/44

MS: Ciancone 13/31; Demeglio 14/31

WF: Han 24/32

WS: Han 7/20



MF: (Banks, Ciancone, Effinger, Fitzpatrick) 9/11

MS: (Ciancone, DeMeglio, Fitzpatrick, Kinney) 6/7

WS: (Han, Sakkal, Fountain, Ross) 2/4


Congratulations to all!


Intro Class

We have a new intro class starting in a couple of weeks. For details, please click here.