Weekly Update: January 17, 2011

This Week:

Monday and Thursday practices will run as usual this week. There will be an open practice on Wednesday between 6 and 7:30 for any who wish to attend. Ranil will probably be out on Thursday only.  Terri will only be out Wednesday and Thursday night this week.

This past weekend was the John Szent Kiraly Memorial Open. Congratulations to Alex who placed 5th and earned his USFA C11.

New Yoga Instructor:

Next Monday night (January 24th), Tracy (a new yoga instructor we are trying out) will be running a class from 8 - 9pm. Cost is $10, and the class is open to all fencers, friends and family. Please bring your own mat.

Youth Registration:

Registration for the youth program (for those who have pre-registered) is taking place on Wednesday and Thursday evenings this week. Please be extra careful when fencing on these nights as there will be a bunch of extra people wandering in and out!

Weather Reminder:

As the winter weather begins please remember some of our winter policies:

- Please remove wet shoes and boots before entering the stage/gym area. Also, please make sure your bag wheels are dry.

- If the weather is unsafe we may cancel practice, as many of our fencers and coaches commute from out of town.  Please check the website for closures before heading to practice. Closures will be announced before 4pm.

- Regardless of the club's status, if the weather is dangerous and you don't feel safe driving, stay home!

Intro Classes:

Our new intro class will begin January 26, 2011.  Link to registration here.