Weekly Update: December 5, 2011

 This Week:

All practices are running as usual this week, including Wednesday and Saturday youth classes. Ranil and Dan will be out on Monday only. Sandra will be out on Wednesday and Thursday (probably).

There is a yoga class on Monday night. Friends / family are welcome.

This past weekend was the Ottawa Junior Competition. WFC results are as follows:

U15WS (/5) Kay 1
U15WF (/7) Kay 5
CWF (/7) Gayowsky 3
JWF (/4) Gayowsky 3
CMS (/5) Kinney 1; Fitzpatrick 3
CWS (/5) Gayowsky 1; Kay 2
JMS (/3) Kinney 1
JWS (/3) Gayowsky 2


This past weekend was also the Newmarket OCC comeptition. WFC results are as follows:

SWS: Fountain 2/20

<to be entered when people tell me.... HINT!!>

Winter Policies:

Now that we can no longer deny that winter is upon us, please take a moment to reacquaint yourselves with our winter policies.


Now that we have so many people starting to travel again, please start posting your travel plans in the forums.

Competition Reports:

For those of you who have had problems finding the templates for competition reports templates please click here or here).

New Club Clothing:

We are working on pricing and sourcing of new warmup suits.  Please stay tuned!

Save The Date:

The WFC Christmas Party, and our 10th Birthday Party, will be taking place at the club on December 15th. Please save the date!

Fight Night:

The next Friday night 'Fight Night' training competition will take place on December 16th. Details are available here.

Picture of the week:

to be posted later