Weekly Update: March 14, 2011

This Week:

All practices are running as usual this week. Ranil will be out on Monday and Thursday. There is no fitness / yoga class this week.

This past weekend was the Detroit NAC. WFC results are as follows:

Div 2 Banks 39/118
Merriman 95/118
Fountain 88/116
Gayowsky 94/116
  Ciancone 47/127
Kinney 93/127
Han 20/77
Gayowsky 94/116
Div 3 Merriman 54/119
Effinger 108/119
Fountain 51/89

Spaetzel 7/75
Kinney 50/114
Gayowsky 56/62
Vet Marks (39/40)    

Congratulations to Laura-Lee who earned her USFA "D11" classification.

Full results can be seen here.

First Aid:

We are thinking about running a first aid / CPR certification course. If you're interested in participating, and haven't already done so, please contact info@westdalefencing.com.

Social Media:

We are playing with a new Facebook Fan Page that should allow you to receive weekly updates directly within your facebook page (in theory, though we're still looking at how reliable this is). Click here to subscribe.

Clothing Order:

If you might be interested in purchasing some WFC clothing (t-shirts, tracksuits, hoodies), please talk to one of the coaches. If there's enough interest, we'll put another order together.

Weather Reminder:

As the winter weather continues, please remember some of our winter policies:

- Please remove wet shoes and boots before entering the stage/gym area. Also, please make sure your bag wheels are dry.

- If the weather is unsafe we may cancel practice, as many of our fencers and coaches commute from out of town.  Please check the website for closures before heading to practice. Closures will be announced before 4pm.

- Regardless of the club's status, if the weather is dangerous and you don't feel safe driving, stay home!