Weekly Update: May 23, 2011

This Week:

Only Wednesday and Thursdays practices are running this week - there are no classes on Monday. Dan, and Ranil will both only be out on Thursday. Saturday youth programs will run as usual. There is no fitness class this week.

This past week was the 2011 May CSC. WFC results are as follows:

Y15MS: Kinney 3/12

Y15WF: Gayowsky 9/15

Y15WS: Kay 8/12

CMF: Fitzpatrick 29/39

CMS: Kinney 10/26

CWF: Gayowsky 18/18

CWS: Gayowsky 7/15

JMS: Kinney 20/30

SMF: Banks 47/55; Effinger 53/55; Fitzpatrick 54/55

SMS: Ciancone 33/40; Kinney 35/40

SWF: Fountain 22/24

SWS: Han 14/23


Friday Night Fight Series:

The next Friday night training competition will run on June 3rd. Details are available here.

Friends and Family Day 2011:

We have set the date for the 2011 Friends and Family day as June 25th. Details and sign up are available here.