Weekly Update: August 1, 2011

This Week:

Monday and Thursday practices are running as usual this week - please note the new end time of 8:30 for our Monday night practices. There is a yoga class this evening - friends and family are welcome. If there is sufficient interest, there will be an open fencing class on Wednesday night. Please talk to Daniel or Sandra if you'd like to get some extra play time.

This past weekend, Sandra, Tia and Mike spent the day at the Joseph Brant Festival peddling our wares.



Summer Schedule:

Monday and Thursday nights will continue as normal until August 18th. Wednesday nights in August will be an open floor night if people want to come out to play as long as there is sufficient interest. Please contact info@westdalefencing.com if you would like to come out.

There will be practices on August 22nd and September 1st, but not on other nights during the last 2 weeks of August. Normal practices will resume September 5th.

Please note that from now on, Monday night practices will end at 8:30 until further notice.


We have resurrected our old Flickr page. If you have any photos that you'd like to share, please talk to any of the coaches.


Please make an extra effort to stay properly hydrated at practice. With the weather being this warm and humid, there is a high risk of both dehydration and heat stroke at this time of year. I'd strongly encourage you to read up a little about both so you can recognise the signs and symptoms. These conditions, although typically minor, can have serious consequences. If you start to feel unwell at practice, please make sure you tell one of the coaches as soon as possible. This post may be helpful.


There are quite a few colds going around at the moment. If you are sick, please stay home. What may be just a sniffle for you, could be a life-threatening illness for someone else, so please err on the side of caution - several older adults use the church, and we really don't want to make anybody sick. Plus, if you make the coaches sick, then life will rapidly become unpleasant for everybody... If you're unsure whether you are suffering from allergies or a cold, stay home, just in case!

Clean equipment

There is a clause in the rules for competition that specifies that equipment must be clean and in good condition. Please be aware that as of this week, we will be enforcing the 'clean' rule at the club - if we can smell your equipment, then you will not be allowed to wear it (and if you smell too bad then you run the risk of being excluded from practices!) Please keep your equipment clean and odour free - it makes practices more pleasant for everybody!