Weekly Update: January 12, 2012

This week:

All practices (including youth classes) are running as normal this week. Ranil will only be out on Monday this week. Dan will be out on Mondays and Thursdays until further notice. Sandra is back to being out on Mondays, Thursdays and part of Wednesdays this week.

Terri will be out Monday, Wednesday and Saturday this week

Class Registrations:

Registrations for our 2012 intro and youth programs are now available. Please check the links above for details.

Quest for Gold:

Congratulations to Kay, Kinney and Gayowsky who have all been nominated for the Quest for Gold Athlete Assistance Program this year.


The church has had some problems with security of late. We will be locking the doors shortly after the start of each practice from now on. The church has fixed the doorball, so if you find that the doors are locked, please ring the bell (the button is on the right hand side) and someone will let you in.


We are looking for some help from parents to assist with a few bits and pieces. If you have an hour or two to spare each month and are interested in helping out, please contact info@westdalefencing.com (no experience is necessary!).

Winter Policies:

Please take a second to review our winter policies.