weekly update: october 15, 2012

this week:

all adult practices are running as usual this week. there will be no youth program classes this week. dan and ranil will be out on thursday only. other coaches will be out as usual. terri will be out on thursday.

this past weekend was the first NAC of the season. wfc results are as follows:

D1MS (/130): Kinney 121
CWF (/119): Gayowsky 47
D1MF (/191): Merriman 79
CWS (/96): Gayowsky 32
CMS (/137): Kinney 89
D2WS (/81): Gayowsky 53
D2MS (/111): Kinney 19

spooky 2012:

on saturday, we are running the 2012 spooky competition at the club. this is a great opportunity to check out a fencing competition and to support some of our fencers. for more information, please talk to your coach, or email info@westdalefencing.com