Weekly Update: June 25, 2012

This week:

Monday and Thursday practices are running as usual this week. Wednesday night (6pm - 8pm) is open to anybody who wants  to get some extra fencing time in (there will not be any coaching, just free fencing). Drop-in rates apply to those not part of our Elite or HP programs. Ranil and Mike will only be out on Monday. Sandra and Dan will be out as normal. There is a Saturday sabre class this week from 10:30 - noon.

This past weekend was the Korfanty Cup which is an FIE A grade Women's Sabre World Cup. Congratulations to Kristina Han, who placed 93rd in her first international competition!!

There is no Yoga Class on Thursday.

Next week:

There will be an early class on July 2nd, but no late class due to the holiday.