weekly update: october 4

practices are running normally this week, except there will be no youth class on Saturday. ranil will not be out on thursday, but otherwise coaches are out as normal.

october fees are due at your next practice if you haven't already paid them!

spooky, our annual tournament, can be registered for here.

please review our winter policy with the shift to colder weather! it includes three major highlights, below.

1) Notices about club closures due to inclement weather or for any other reason will be communicated via the club website only, and notices will be posted before 4:30pm. Please get into the habit of checking before heading out to practice.

2) If you are unwell, please stay home. Much as we want to see you, we really do not want to see your germs. What might be a small sniffle for you can very easily turn into a serious illness for anybody with a compromised immune system. Please be mindful that many us work in environments where we are in clse proximity to people for whom any illness can lead to major complications. Please be considerate and err on the side of caution if in doubt.

3) The floors become very slippery when wet so please get (back) into the habit of bringing indoor shoes for practice and be sure to leave any wet footware in the hallway (this includes parents!).